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Let the robot charge your car

by Mitori Liu

July 14, 2022

Story brief

China’s first electric vehicle charging robot has been put into use in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, aiming at meeting EV car users’ increasing charging demand in China.

Story in detail

According to an article on (, once the car user scans a code, the charging robot system developed by State Grid Suzhou Power Supply Company enables the charging pole to automatically move to the top rear of the car to be charged, and then the car user can plug the charging gun in the car. In this way, EV car users no longer need to spend time and efforts in installing the charging pole, so, the charging robot largely raises the charging efficiency for them in the parking lot. Thanks to the automation technology, only a few charging robots can already meet the charging demand of a large parking lot.


The charging robot solves the problem that some parking lots equipped with charging poles are often occupied by ICE cars, which increases the difficulty for an EV car user to find a parking area to charge his car. In addition to solving the parking problem, tech companies may also think about how to make charging even more convenient and accessible in multiple scenarios, especially on public roads. Charging service providers could consider integrating charging technologies into the public road infrastructure while designing them to be less conspicuous in order to minimize the disruption to the current traffic behaviors, turning the road system ‘electrified’ with streamlined user experience.

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