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Research Lab

Located in the heart of Shanghai, CHW Research Lab is beautifully designed and furnished to offer the most user-centered and client-friendly research experience. 

  • Central ventilation system, private viewing lounge, standalone translator room and respondent warm-up room altogether create a caring research space for all stakeholders involved.

  • Logoless office space and meticulously designed visitor traffic flow enable full privacy for our discreet clients.

  • Flexible and interchangeable space to cater to focus groups, in-depth interviews and large workshops.  

  • Most importantly, our tri-lingual facility staff (Chinese, English and Japanese) are prepared to deliver beyond expectations. 


Technical Specs

Space design:

  • One-way mirrored facility occupies the entire floor for complete privacy

  • 15 observers comfortably sitting in a 40 square meter (400 sq feet) space

  • Standalone lounge for remote viewing and client discussion

  • Individual fridge and coffee machine

  • All-day refreshment, fruits and snack service

  • Tri-lingual service staff standby (Chinese/Shanghai-ese, Japanese, English)

Technology setup:

  • Standalone 500 Mbps Internet

  • Dual sound system with BOSE speaker system and wireless headsets

  • 360 degree hi-definition livestreaming and recording 

  • All remote conferencing software supported

  • Mobile phone UX camera available

  • Fully acoustically insulated and AC controlled translator room

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