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Shanghai’s smart dining hall

by Mitori Liu

July 15, 2022

Story brief

Shanghai has opened Xixiang AI Dining Hall, the second AI dining place in Changning District featuring its AI technology and automated dining services, providing a more convenient dining experience to city office workers.

Story in detail

According to an article on the WeChat official account of Shanghai Changning (, all kinds of dishes are made by cooking robots in the smart kitchen, which are cheap, diverse and delicious enough to fit young office workers’ taste. The dining hall has also become the first one to use the smart conveyor belt developed by Xixiang, which can automatically identify which dish types have been taken, and then add the missing dishes to the belt. The AI checkout machine serving at the final stop of this automated dining experience can identify dish type, price, and calculate the final cost.


The Xixiang AI Dining Hall takes the advantage of its AI technology to offer an easy and fast dining service in the food making, picking and checkout process. To raise the convenience level of the holistic dining experience for customers, catering technology providers may consider enabling automation in every single step of dining service, including food delivered to table, cleaning, and disposal. In addition, the cooking robot in the smart kitchen may also be upgraded to make more cuisine types for a better dining experience in quality and quantity.

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