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Make yourself in your room

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

By Mitori Liu

Nov 15, 2022

Story brief:

Amazon has launched its second retail store in the US featuring technologies and services that improves the customer journey, including sending selected apparel to fitting room before arrival, and outfit recommendation.

Story in detailed description:

According to an article on (, after choosing the clothing to be tried on, customers can go to the preset fitting room in the new retail store called Amazon Style. Inside the preset fitting room, the selected clothing together with some products opted by staff that may fit with customers’ style have been put up beforehand, making the fitting room a customizable room for each customer. Amazon is veering into tech advancement for its physical retail stores for the sake of business sustainability in the long term.


The customized and prepared fitting room not only saves customers’ time and energy from picking up clothing products, but more importantly, also provide customers a quick access to explore the outfit which may match with their preference and style. Thanks to the recommendation algorithm that brings up the products which potentially meet customers’ needs real-time in the screen of the fitting room, customers don’t necessarily need to refer to dazzling outfit suggestion resources before and after purchase. Other apparel brands may learn from this technique to also develop product recommendation tools to make their customers’ shopping experience more efficient and convenient.

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