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This butter will not make you fat

by Mitori Liu

July 15, 2022

Story brief

A Swedish mycoprotein maker Mycorena has successfully developed a type of mycoprotein-based butter to be an alternative for butter, meeting the demands for consumers who seek a healthy diet.

Story in detail

According to an article on (, mycoprotein, which does not contain any fat or cholesterol, works only as an emulsifier to stabilize other nutrients in the butter. Conventional butter is high in both saturated fats and cholesterol due to its dairy ingredients, while butter alternatives are much rarer in the alt dairy markets compared to cheese alternatives. Therefore, the fungi-based butter is expected to be welcomed by consumers who seek a healthy diet, and great potential can be seen in the butter alternative market.


The mycoprotein-based butter catches the attention of consumers who put emphasis on healthy living style by controlling the saturated fat and cholesterol amount to be absorbed, while providing them with the same taste as traditional butter. Since only a few categories of alt dairy products are available in the market, food brands should consider developing substitutes for ingredients perceived unhealthy or less nutritious, to tap into a new segment.


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