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Not only to live longer

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

by Mitori Liu

Oct 20, 2022

Story brief:

The Japanese dairy producer, Megmilk Snow Brand, has co-developed and launched a type of yoghurt drink with the beverage brand Kirin, which helps to improve memory for the elderly and increase the level of their life quality.

Story in detailed description:

According to an article on (, it is researched that the Beta-lactolin in the yoghurt drink has the function to raise cued recall for human, in addition to Kirin’s early findings of Beta-lactolin’s function of regional cerebral blood flow and cognitive function improvement. Beta-lactolin will be applied to more beverage products of two brands in the future to face the challenge of increasing average life expectancy in Japan’s aging society. While the functional food market is recognized to have great potential for growth, it is particularly crucial to pay attention to the middle-aged and the elderly’s needs and develop relevant products, as they are the main consumption force in the market.


While a massive number of functional foods and drinks have been released in the market, the majority of those targeting the seniors aims to relieve illness symptoms and lower the risks of some diseases, such as lowering blood pressure and adjusting blood sugar. Seldom does a functional food product features the improvement of elderly’s life quality. The Beta-lactolin yoghurt assisting the seniors in maintenance of their ability of cued recalling enable them to live with a clearer mind and a happier life besides living longer. Brands should consider developing products with other ingredients that may also result in a better life quality, such as ingredients that help to grow hair and reduce grey hair, as well as to delay tooth loss.


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