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No barrier between us

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

by Mitori Liu

July 13, 2022

Story brief

Japan Display Inc. (JDI) is releasing a 20.8-inch Rælclear display, a dual sided display screen which looks transparent from both sides to meet customer needs for rich information delivery in face-to-face communications and medical examinations.

Story in detail

According to an article on (, once connected to a PC, the Rælclear display can show texts, images, and videos from both sides, and meanwhile, speakers’ gestures and facial expressions can all be seen through the glass-like screen. Using the 20.8-inch Rælclear screen, viewers from both sides can see more sentences converted from speaker voice in different languages via a single display, which increases the efficiency of automatic translation. The display as a supplementary tool for interpretation is also helpful to people with communication disorder and disabilities to better facilitate their communication with others.


JDI’s transparent display technology intends to break the communication barrier and allow language, emotion, expression to be delivered more effectively to those with disabilities. Indeed, the dedication to raise the level of convenience to people with special needs should not be limited to healthcare and medical fields, but to various public services, including accommodation, transportation, etc. Brands with physical stores should take people’s accessibility needs into consideration while designing their customer experience to be more inclusive by paying attention to details and trivial moments along their customer journey.

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