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Music is Cupid

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

by Mitori Liu

July 18, 2022

Story brief

NetEase Cloud Music has launched a dating app featuring matching users who listen to the same songs by big data, which offers users with the same music taste a community to network in.

Story in detail

According to an article on (, MUS is the abbreviation of “Music with us”, and its slogan is “Music connects you and me”. The app uses big data algorithms to analyze users’ personalities and characteristics, and then recommend other users they may like, who are also in favor of the same music song groups. MUS, aiming at helping its users to find their soulmates, is NetEase’s another attempt in getting a portion in the dating app market, after its launch of Xinyu dating app, which turned out not as popular as people expected.


MUS could seem appealing especially to young users who look for soulmates, as matching by the same music taste is a unique way to network online. Dating apps and other social media platforms may develop the concept of soulmate matching based on their own creative methods, such as song preferences, art piece appreciation, NFT interest, and other unique or niche interests users share. Contrastingly, social media could also pair users of opposite social behavior and hobbies together to create a new way of dating match.


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