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LV becomes edible

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

By Mitori Liu

Nov 8, 2022

Story brief:

The luxury brand Louis Vuitton has opened its first restaurant in Chengdu, China, featuring the local elements of panda, to offer its Chinese customers the luxurious shopping experience in the new field of dining.

Story in detailed description:

According to an article on (, partnered with Michelin and Black Pearl Guide, the restaurant is located in a two-storey house in Chengdu’s Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li mall, with the decoration of LV and its classic flower pattern on its glass windows. Right next to the door of the restaurant sits a huge panda sculpture symbolizing the local characteristics of Chengdu and China to welcome LV’s young Chinese customers. According to a Weibo user, customers who want to book the restaurant now must wait for more than 6 months due to full reservation, as a massive number of consumers are willing to pay for this luxurious dining experience that is comparatively much cheaper than a LV luxury product.


A lot of luxury brands, including Tiffany, Armani, and Gucci, have made their attempt of opening cafes and restaurants as a way of exploration in dining field, but rarely do they put emphasis on elements of localization as LV restaurant does in Chengdu. Other foreign brands planning to explore new B2C opportunities should learn from LV and consider popular local elements in marketing to win local customers, strategies of which may include co-branding with local food brands and hosting traditional local events during festivals. However, it is also vital to do research on local customers’ tastes and habits before the design and marketing of localization, or customers may be offended by the improper design and end up not going for its products.

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