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Camping without the Preparation

by Iris Liu (translated by ChatGPT)

7 December 2023

Story brief:

On August 29, 2023, the Chinese dining brand Haidilao launched a camping-themed hot pot restaurant, which can be paired with leisure activities such as fishing and outdoor karaoke. This model saves the hassle of selecting a camping site, setting up equipment, and preparing meals, allowing everyone to enjoy a spontaneous camping experience.

Story in detailed description:

According to Haidilao's official report (, the first hot pot restaurant with a camping theme is located in Songjiang District, Shanghai. Near the campsite, visitors can enjoy views of lotus flowers and vegetation. Haidilao also offers activities like karaoke and fishing, maximizing the outdoor camping atmosphere. Even for individuals with social anxiety, this offers an opportunity to feel or integrate into the lively camping vibe. Additionally, the store can accommodate large group team-building activities, providing a time-saving and effortless option for working professionals.


For those who wish to experience camping but hesitate or feel daunted due to the extensive preparation involved, Haidilao's camping-themed restaurant is an excellent choice. Haidilao has become a unique brand in the hot pot category due to its thorough, customer-first butler-style service. However, as service awareness strengthens among modern brands, the competitive advantage brought by service is not irreplicable. Therefore, Haidilao's camping-themed approach starts from the perspective of extending the scene, selecting extension content based on popular activities among its target audience, bringing new experiences to consumers, and continuously enriching their impression of Haidilao.

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