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ByteDance plants its seeds

by Mitori Liu

July 19, 2022

Story brief

ByteDance is going to launch Kesong, a social media platform with a focus on image-based posts for young people to offer and receive recommendations from others on everything about lifestyles.

Story in detail

According to an article on (, defined as an online community for young audience, Kesong aims at forming the atmosphere of “seeds planting”, which is an alternative name of recommendation of goods and services in Chinese for young people to share their life. Besides, Kesong will coordinate with other parts of ByteDance ecosystem, such as local life, ecommerce, network, and music to provide its users with a holistic life sharing and shopping experience. Kesong has become ByteDance’s new attempt in its “ecommerce by interest” strategy, since its last two apps of recommendation failed to be popular.


ByteDance’s Kesong aims at helping young consumers to explore their potential interests and preferences in contexts of lifestyles and shopping behaviors, and then recommending products and brands that are likely to meet their needs. Brands should take advantage of the newfangledness of the platform to create new scenarios that young people have not yet discovered, for them to adopt aspirational lifestyles and interests to fulfill their social and emotional needs for living their own unconventional life.


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