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Wukang Mansion goes digital

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

by Mitori Liu

Oct 18, 2022

Story brief:

On 13 October 2022, one of the landmarks in Shanghai, Wukang Mansion, released its limited NFT collections on the digital collectible platform, Jingtan, granting fans of the building the digital ownership of the landmark.

Story in detailed description:

According to an article on the Wechat account of Meilihengfu (, the digital collection of Wukang Mansion vividly demonstrates the authentic aesthetics of the building by the use of classical building decoration on the first three floors, plain red brick texture and the pattern of ceramic tiles in the mansion lounge as the foundation of the collection. The collection offers its consumers a new way of interaction with photogenetic spots on social media in addition to going to the places to take pictures. Xuhui District, where Wukang mansion is in, would continue to explore opportunities in metaverse which allow consumers and residents to be further involved in this new potential lifestyle.


The historical buildings and landmarks’ breaking into the metaverse may eventually contribute to a digital city in the virtual world for people from all over the world to visit while physically being anywhere. Different from virtual games like Minecraft for player’s creation of neighborhoods, the digital city should be kept as authentic as possible, and visitors can also be authorized to purchase NFTs of any architecture they like. In this way, scenic spots can become “photogenetic” and “collectible” for people both online and offline, and thus attract more visitors’ attention.

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