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Starbucks goes mini

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

by Mitori Liu

July 12, 2022

Story brief

In June 2022, the coffee giant Starbucks has officially released the 160ml mini version of its ready-to-drink coffee product, Frappuccino, to meet consumers’ needs for having easy-to-carry coffee anywhere.

Story in detail

According to an article on the WeChat official account of Foodaily (, Starbucks first brought out the Mini version of Frappuccino in March 2022, for the limited Sakura Frappuccino, turning out to be a popular product thanks to its mini bottle which is easy to carry to fit more diverse coffee drinking scenarios. This time, the Mini Frappuccino is not only for long-term sale, but has also transformed its bottle color from brown to Starbucks Green to catch consumers’ attention. It is said that the growth rate of China’s ready-to-drink coffee market is predicted to keep increasing in the next following years, so Starbucks’ innovation in its ready-to-drink coffee product may help the brand further dominate China’s coffee market.


The minimal packaging trend is indeed creating a strong momentum in the food and drink industry considering young consumers’ growing need for portability to carry on-the-go and flexibility to consume outside homes. Therefore, it would be more important to take these new usage case scenarios into considerations when developing packaging experience. For instance, brands could create spillage-proof packaging for drinking products and lightweight anti-compression container for some soft food, which could be targeted for young working people.


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