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Myth-busting Chinese Youth: Attracting their unruly stomach

by Philix & Iris

11 December 2023

Enter Chinoiserie food and drink, a trend reshaping the gastronomic landscape. It's not just about flavors; it's about narratives. The stories behind the names, coupled with novel, perhaps historical, eating methods, serve as irresistible magnets for the youth.

For brands eyeing the popularity of Chinoiserie, the strategy is clear: surprise and captivate. Like "defeating the enemy with a surprise action," brands must infuse unexpected elements into the dining experience. However, the key is authenticity. This is not a mere marketing gimmick; it's a genuine connection between the brand and the consumer.

In a world where the pursuit of a good experience defines dietary choices, Chinoiserie food and drink have cracked the code. Join the culinary revolution where every bite is a journey, and every sip tells a story. 🍜 #ChinoiserieCulinaryAdventure #Trends #FoodExperience  🌟

Latest trends and observations around food culture among Chinese youth.

In Chinese culture, the saying "People regard food as their heaven" reflects the profound significance attached to culinary experiences. Today, this sentiment is vividly displayed in the long queues outside delectable food and beverage establishments, particularly the emerging Chinoiseries catering stores. The popularity of these stores among the youth can be attributed to several factors:

Innovation in Tradition

1. Innovation Rooted in Tradition: These Chinoiseries stores masterfully blend innovation with traditional elements. Chinese food and drink boast a rich history, encompassing ingredients, philosophies, habits, and intriguing stories. This familiarity resonates with the public, creating a sense of connection with the cultural roots of Chinese cuisine.

Consuming a culture and experience, beyond food eating. 

2. Multi-faceted Product Values: Beyond the consumption of food, these establishments introduce products and packaging imbued with stories and cultural knowledge. The evolving role of food and drink as companions to youth, intertwined with daily life, adds to their appeal. Sharing these experiences becomes a way for consumers to connect with friends, making it a social and cultural phenomenon.

Health trend in food and drink culture is particularly enhanced since COVID.

3. Health Awareness: In an era where health consciousness prevails, these Chinoiseries stores tap into the growing trend of prioritizing health. Whether for disease prevention or the pursuit of a wholesome lifestyle, consumers are drawn to products featuring nutritious ingredients or processes free from additives, providing a perceived sense of well-being.

Diversity of food culture is created and enhanced by social media.

4. Store Exploration in the Digital Age: The rise of various social media platforms has given birth to food bloggers who play a pivotal role in the popularity of Chinoiseries food and drink stores. These establishments attract bloggers, who, in turn, amplify the brands through social media, creating a symbiotic relationship that contributes to their widespread recognition.

A case in point is CHAGEE, a prominent Chinoiseries drink brand, whose innovative design of thin straws akin to coffee straws has sparked conversations. While some consumers find the straws too thin, the intention behind this design is to enhance the tea-tasting experience through sipping. Additionally, CHAGEE has recently introduced ID cards for its products, transparently displaying calorie information to consumers. Despite no actual reduction in calories or inclusion of healthier ingredients, these transparent ID cards serve as a psychological placebo, aligning with the public's growing emphasis on health.

In conclusion, the allure of Chinoiseries food and drink culture lies in their ability to blend tradition with innovation, offer multi-faceted cultural experiences, cater to health-conscious preferences, and leverage the power of digital media for widespread recognition.

Implications for Brands

The dietary needs of the youth have evolved beyond the simple objective of satisfying hunger; it has transformed into a quest for a mysterious code: a good experience. This encompasses authentic food materials, a hygienic production process, delicious taste, a comfortable atmosphere, unique meanings, and thoughtful service. In essence, the pursuit of experience has become increasingly diverse and unique.

The surge in popularity of Chinoiserie food and drink attests to this shift. Both the narratives behind the names and the novel, often historical, eating or playing methods act as magnetic forces for the youth. The allure lies not only in the flavors but also in the immersive experience that surrounds the consumption of these offerings.

For brands seeking to tap into the trend of Chinoiserie food and drink, employing a strategy akin to "defeating the enemy with a surprise action" can be highly effective. This involves the incorporation of unexpected and delightful elements that capture the attention and interest of the target audience. However, it's crucial for brands to ensure that the surprise factor isn't merely a marketing gimmick. Authenticity in both the narrative and the product itself is paramount.

In essence, successful brands in this space understand that the modern youth values the entire journey of their dining or drinking experience. From the story and origins of the product to unique methods of consumption, every aspect contributes to the overall appeal. Striking a balance between innovation and authenticity is key to not only capturing attention but also fostering brand loyalty in this era where the pursuit of a good experience has become a defining characteristic of dietary choices.

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