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Meiji five in one

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

by Mitori Liu

July 19, 2022

Story brief

Japan’s dairy giant Meiji is releasing Meiji 5-Star Custom, a type of functional dairy drink with five different functions that is only available for home-delivery, to bring convenience to senior citizens who seek health improvements in a fast and easy way.

Story in detail

According to an article on (, the featured digestible dextrin in Meiji 5-Star Custom adjusts the level of blood glucose and triglyceride after meals, whereas the widely-used GABA helps to relieve one’s stress and lower blood pressure. The milk drink can also assist in memory improvement, combining with other 4 functions to provide a complex nutrition supplement to senior citizens. The home delivery service allows consumers who are at their 40s to 60s to receive products conveniently.


Meiji 5-Star Custom amalgamates five different functions and two special nutrients into one bottle of drink, allowing consumers, especially the elderly suffering from multiple health issues to improve health through one bottle of drink instead of a variety of supplementary pills or drinks each time. “Multiple in one” supplementary products meet consumer needs to simplify the process of nutrition absorption and enjoy tasty desserts at the same time. Food and beverage brands should take advantage of this concept to blend ingredients with different functions and other factors, such as flavor, status, and temperature, to attract users with various needs and increase adhesiveness of users.


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