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Making "Big" Out of Small Things

by Iris Liu  (translated by ChatGPT)

26 March 2024

Story brief:

On August 25, 2023, the Chinese children's clothing brand Allblu posted a series of "small ads" in Shanghai to encourage people to celebrate the occurrence of small events, conveying the brand's concept of making big out of small things. Because life is more about the little things than the big events.

Story in detailed description:

According to the official report from Allblu (, the campaign took the starting point of the easily overlooked details in life, such as a bowl of freshly cooked wontons, a leaf changing color, a passing cloud, and so on. Through these advertisements about small things, pedestrians passing by are encouraged to stop and appreciate these small moments of joy in life. The emotions of joy, touched, and appreciation conveyed in these small advertisements are spread and shared by pedestrians as they read, making them a part of life's embellishments.


Although this campaign by Allblu may not be as prominent as big screen advertisements, it is closer to people's daily lives. These small ads act as reminders for everyone to pay attention to the little things in life, giving these small events a sense of ritual. This reflects attention to small details, especially in the micro-moments that are easily overlooked in the fast-paced urban life. Through this campaign, these life details can return to the public's view, causing people to pause briefly and resonate emotionally, also leaving them with an "attentive" impression of the brand.

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