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Journey to the virtual west

by Mitori Liu

Sept 27, 2022

Story brief:

Shanghai Disney Resort has opened SoReal VR Superspace, featuring virtual reality experience themed Monkey King to captivate consumers with the combination of classic culture and technology innovation.

Story in detailed description:

According to an article on the Wechat official account of 36Kr (, the SoReal VR Superspace provides customers with giant-space multiplayer interactive games, various XR extreme sports experiences, and digital art show of Monkey King, which is innovated as a combination of classic Chinese culture and futuristic technology, and of reality and virtual world. Thanks to the incredible 5G algorithm, visitors are able to experience a variety of immersive scenarios indoor wearing a simple VR headset, without feeling dizzy. This is the first time Disney introduces an IP independent from its main theme, showing its ambition to attract customers by its unique technological presentation of a classical Chinese IP.


The new presentation way of a classical IP through VR allows the story of Monkey King to stand out among young consumers, as it combines popular cartoon characters with the most advanced and fashionable technology in the world to make the experience more appealing. For brands and stores that intend to bring in innovative technology like VR, it is more effective to apply certain technology to present some classic and popular elements, so that the innovation can be more likely to be accepted and welcomed.

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