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Flying Amazon package

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

by Mitori Liu

July 11, 2022

Story brief

In June 2022, Amazon announced to launch drone delivery in California, USA later in the year, to send products to residents’ backyards in Lockeford.

Story in detail

According to an article on (, the Amazon drone technology allows the drone to detect a variety of obstacles while flying, including chimneys, moving aircrafts, and even things hard for people to see. The drone can automatically avoid any obstacles detected, and make sure no obstacles appear where products are to be delivered. Amazon is following Walmart and Alphabet to explore flying deliveries’ potential and level up delivery efficiency and is trying to improve customers’ experience about the drone delivery based on their feedback.


While drone delivery could potentially increase the delivery efficiency by ‘beating the traffic’, some limitations in scenarios such as delivery to apartment buildings and crowded spaces shall be further considered and optimized in order to achieve a safe and efficient logistical experience. For instance, retail and logistics brands could work with property management to develop designated areas for landing drones as well as parcel assortment system so that customers in buildings could also enjoy the speedy delivery service. Similarly, automated ground delivery cart could be set up in large communities and complexes to save labor costs to solve the ‘last-mile issue’ with delivery services.

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