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Celebration candy for Women’s Day

By Mitori Liu

March 29, 2022

Story brief:

A German plant-based gummy maker, Katjes, has released a new version of plant-based gummy named “Sheroes” with multiple flavor and shapes in various women figures to celebrate this year’s Women’s Day and honor women.

Story in detailed description:

According to an article on (, “Sheroes” contains gummy shapes of a variety of influential and professional women figures, including women firefighters, scientists, astronauts and some statements indicating women power. The image of a woman astronaut printed on the pink package of the gummy also symbolizes the limitless power of women and their courage and ability to achieve anything, even reaching the stars.


Special and limited editions of products in holidays and festivals honoring a certain group of consumers isn’t a new fashion in the market, but many of the special versions are limited to the change of design of product packages, gifts, and advertisements only. In addition to displaying prestigious women images and honoring them with a special title on the package of its gummies, Katjes designs the gummy shapes in various professional women figures. The thorough design from exterior package to interior product can show more sincerity and strengthen the concept of honoring a certain group of people in the cause marketing.

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