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14 hours’ snow carnival

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

By Mitori Liu

March 22, 2022

Story brief:

The E-commerce platform Tmall hosted its 2023 snow festival in Skiing Lake Songhua Resort in Jilin Province, China through a 14-hour-long live stream, involving a variety of online and offline winter activities and topics for consumers to enjoy in an authentic way.

Story in detailed description:

According to an article on the WeChat official account of Digitaling (, it’s the second year that Tmall collaborated with Skiing Lake Songhua Resort on sales and marketing of outdoor winter sports products and services, including ski clothing fashion show, online coaching, athletes and KOL experience sharing. This year’s snow festival featured the long duration of live stream, with the participation of influencers from diverse backgrounds. The innovative scenarios of KOLs glamping in the snow with coffee and delicious snacks also glamorized the outdoor life in winter, attracting more consumers to go out and try different outdoor activities in the snow season.


Contrasting to direct sales and advertisements in traditional E-commerce, the snow carnival allowed more daily life scenarios to be exhibited to audience in a 14-hour-long live stream, such as camping and coffee-making. Meanwhile, the influencers, rather than professional athletes and celebrities, showed up in multiple scenarios to further demonstrate more authenticity in the vibe of the live streaming. As a result, the audience could view a variety of product usage in a more genuine way, and the brand and product believability would thus be raised.

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