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Masterpieces can now be affordable

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

by Mitori Liu

July 19, 2022

Story brief

The Chinese television maker Skyworth has collaborated with Inmyshow Digital, a media marketing company to launch HASHII, a series of encrypted digital prints of paintings by two famous Chinese artists, offering global collectors a secure and cheap way to “own” masterpieces.

Story in detail

According to an article on (, multiple display technologies, including anti-glare polarizing firm, low blue-light LED bar and intelligent photosensitivity of ambient light have been applied to restore the original vividness of paintings. In addition, the HASHII digital prints also have their warranty and IP key encrypted through a hardware wallet to preserve users’ IP security. A total of 130 masterpiece NFTs will be available for sale, and the first few pieces will be sold on Skyworth flagship store on JD.


HASHII digital prints allow art piece lovers to afford precious masterpieces and maintain their most detailed and valuable essence through metaverse at the same time, including color, texture, painting techniques, etc. Art and cultural brands may apply similar technologies to their products and services to provide consumers who cannot pay for exorbitant pieces or cultural activities, such as concerts, auctions and exhibitions with an opportunity to appreciate and practice a variety of arts.

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